Parents On Edge As Local Students Get Shooting Threat Snapchats

Police have been notified, and were said to be on scene at SAHS today, after some students reported to their parents, that messages were being sent to their friends via snapchat, regarding a threat of a school shooting today at noon.

Adding to the anxiety, reports have circulated across facebook today of alarms at FSDB, and a student being arrested for bringing guns to SAHS.

Those reports have not been confirmed.

From SJSO:

Within the past hour, the SJSO received a social media message stating "I will be shooting up the school tomorrow", indicating today's date. There was no identifiable sender, county, school district or school identified in the message.

However, the pathway of this message led us to SAHS where a student had shared the message out of concern. In an abundance of caution, we responded several units to the school to seek out any information, which eventually led investigators to determine the threat "was not credible".

Since then, social media is indicating a student was found with "a gun on campus". That evolved into a student with a "backpack full of guns" was arrested. NONE of the aforementioned rumors have occurred. There were no guns nor verifiable threats noted during the investigation.

Here is the message sent by your SJCSD officials: We are currently working with law enforcement regarding a threat made on Snapchat. The St. Johns Sheriff’s Office has found the anonymous post not to be credible. This post is being shared throughout our district by students and does not specify a school or our district. The safety and security of our students is paramount, and we will continue to be diligent in our efforts to thoroughly investigate any and all threats. Thank you for your continued support.

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