Officials Say Eliminating Major Downtown Roads and Parking Could Be Improvement

Earlier this week, City Public Works Director Reuben Franklin sent out an email this week containing an unlisted Youtube link (Meaning you can't search for/find it on youtube unless you're sent the link).

The video proposal, containing (90's style)fancy graphics and inspiring music, shows a vision of Downtown St. Augustine without traffic/parking allowed on Cathedral, and changes in traffic patterns on King St.

The video also shows traffic turning right only off the bridge of lions, meaning drivers off the bridge will need to loop around the city to get to places like the post office, or anywhere downtown.

It seems like part of this plan may be to funnel traffic to the parking garage.

Officials have said in the past that the garage is mostly only at 60% capacity. Parking at the garage looks to be one of the most convenient parking options if this plan is put in motion.

See the full video below and give us your thoughts.

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