Jane West and Elise Sloan Resign as Chair, Vice Chair of Beach PZB

Longtime PZB members Jane West (former Chair), and Elise Sloan (former Vice-Chair) resigned in seemingly sudden fashion today, saying among other things, that city staff has been "disrespectful" to them.

They served approximately 16 years between them.

The letter says that while the board’s recommendations were given “due consideration” under former mayor and current Commissioner Undine George, their recommendations are increasingly being “ignored if not outright negated.”

“This primarily occurs by means of staff presentations to you about agenda items that we have thoughtfully deliberated,” the letter says. “Quite simply, the staff presentations fail to convey the factors considered by our board and often communicate to you a position that runs in stark contradiction to our board’s vote.”

The letter cites recent discussions about the Embassy Suites addition, which was approved, as an example, though both West and Sloan said that was not the reason for their departure.

“This contradiction was most recently experienced when despite identifying with precise clarity the numerous provisions of the Code and the Comprehensive Plan that the Embassy Suites expansion application triggered, the staff communication to the City Commission was that all the provisions of the Code and Comprehensive Plan had been fully complied with,” the letter says.

The letter also says that West and Sloan have been disrespected by staff.

“Our complaints to the city attorney were apparently conveyed to the city manager and yet the behavior persisted,” the letter says. “Neither of us will continue to degrade ourselves by being subjected to outlandish admonishments, curt interruptions, sarcastic eye-rolling and other antics that are unbecoming of the public venue that we conduct our business in.”

-The Record

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