The 904 Now Expands to TV With Roku and Amazon FireTV Apps!

If you have a Roku or Firestick/FireTV enabled smart tv, you may have noticed that the local news options are either Orlando, or Jacksonville stations. I'm proud to announce, that changes today.

The 904 Now has been a huge force in local social media, and radio, and now that we've finished the TV apps, I'm really excited to be able to convey information on TV, in the same way that large news companies like CBS, FOX, and CNN are reaching a large amount of their viewers today, via the two most popular TV streaming services, Amazon and Roku.

The channels will consist of local news, and newscasts, as well as interesting insights from around town. They are ad free apps. I'm not trying to make money from the channels, I'm just trying to get information out to you, in the most popular ways possible.

It's easy to find the apps on your Roku or FireTV (Fire Stick) enabled TV, just do a search for "The 904 Now" and download the app. It will appear on your home screen when you turn your TV on, and you can catch up on St. Augustine's only local news, every single day. As a few design modifications get worked out, I'll be adding daily content to the TV channels that you won't be able to find online.

With a few more things in the works, I want to make it easier than ever for people to stay in touch with what's happening locally in 2020.

Currently, you can also find The 904 Now podcast channels on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Google Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud, where I upload weekly shows.

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