FBI: SJC Sex Offender Hacks Jags' Big Screen Using 'Rogue Server'

Samuel Arthur Thompson, 49 of St. Johns County is not only a sex offender, but was also very instrumental in building and programming the big screen scoreboard in the Jaguars' stadium. This is how he was able to disrupt the screen, and cause malfunctions during games.

According to the FBI, in 2018, after Thompson's contract with the team was not renewed, Thompson was still able to gain access to the scoreboard, via a "rogue server" he installed in the server room. After the board malfunctioned several times during the following season, the cause of the issues was traced back to Thompson, who is said to have been able to access the server remotely, and send commands to the screen.

Thompson left the country this year and failed to report his trip. As he arrived back in LA, police arrested him.

If convicted on all counts, Thompson faces a minimum mandatory penalty of 15 years, and up to 100 years, in federal prison.

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