POLLS: Sheriff Race Wider Than Reported, Still Not Decided

Taking a look at the complete data from the recent UNF poll of likely St. Johns County voters, it does show a few interesting facts left out by some local media outlets, including a wider gap when looking at the name recognition, and favorability categories for Sheriff. With 75% of respondents saying they don't have any idea who they will be voting for, this name recognition and favorability gap are encouraging, but don't signal an in-the-bag win for Hardwick.

It does deal somewhat of a blow to Strickland, who's spent over $100,000 and had an 8 month head start on campaigning, to finish so far behind Hardwick in every category.

It also illustrates the interesting fact that entertainment mediums are shifting, showing local daily radio show host Kevin Geddings, on what claims to be one of the largest media networks in town, with the lowest name recognition among all candidates. Geddings was forced to announce the poll live on his show, in which he finished last.

This from a UNF poll of likely St. Johns County voters:

Respondents were asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of six public figures in St. Johns County, or if they had never heard of that person. Large majorities of voters are unfamiliar with the public figures running for local office in the upcoming August primary election. Of the six candidates listed in the survey, no one garnered more than 50% awareness from likely Republican primary voters. When asked about Henry Dean, 69% of respondents stated they had never heard of him, while 12% had a favorable opinion and 2% had an unfavorable opinion. Similarly, 66% of voters have never heard of Paul Waldron, but of those who have, 20% have a favorable opinion and just 3% an unfavorable opinion. For Chris Strickland, 64% of respondents have never heard of him, with 19% having a favorable opinion and 2% an unfavorable opinion. When asked about Rob Hardwick, 59% of respondents indicated they had never heard of him, while 22% had a favorable opinion and 2% an unfavorable opinion. Kevin Geddings had the lowest levels of awareness of all public figures in the survey, with 78% of respondents stating they had never heard of him. Geddings received an 8% favorable and 4% unfavorable opinion rating. Lastly, Cyndi Stevenson received the highest level of awareness, with 50% of respondents never having heard of her. Additionally, 31% of respondents had a favorable opinion of Stevenson, while 6% had an unfavorable opinion.

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