Jimmy Jam Donates $3,500 To Help Teachers And Students In Need

I had the privilege of being on hand Thursday morning as Jeff Gatlin and Tim Gause presented a check to INK!'s Donna Lueders and Davey Hartzel, for the amount of $3,500.

The Jimmy Jam BBQ Slam and Car Show is an annual fundraiser for the Jimmy Jam Outreach Organization, which made a commitment to donate a portion of their proceeds this year, to Investing In Kids.

On INK!'s Facebook live stream this morning, Jeff Gatlin of Jimmy Jam told viewers, "I volunteer in classrooms, and some of the teachers have told me about some of the things they get from INK... Teachers are telling you when a student has a need and you guys are meeting that, and that's everything that Jimmy Jam stands for."

Donna Lueders, INK's Executive Director told us, "It's humbling to receive this check from Jimmy Jam."

INK! is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and is a leader in efforts to directly benefit the educators and students within the St. Johns County School District. Their programs and events strive to provide the tools and resources that are necessary to help each child reach their full potential. Since 1994, Investing in Kids has led the effort to cultivate success for students and teachers through funding, initiatives, and inspiration.

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