Aftermath of Purported High Speed Chase, Bus Crash, Gunfire Caught On Tape

Details are scarce right now, but a user in 904 Rant/Rave & ISO just uploaded video that is said to be from a witness at the scene of a 207 crash.

In the video (which contains strong language from the start) a man can be heard discussing gunfire, after he says police used stop sticks to help end the chase.

We've been told via messages to The 904 Now's facebook, "Started as a high speed chase (small truck) ended with it crashing into a personally owned school bus. Don't know if anyone was driving bus or if it was parked on private property. Small truck driver got out and shot at police and ran. Pretty sure they got him."

The man on the video also can be heard saying, "It's a manhunt out here... He either shot the police, or they shot the shit outta him. There's too many gonshots going back and fourth"

We'll keep you updated as we hear more.


A man was fatally shot by a deputy on Wednesday in the Hastings area after an attempted traffic stop led to a pursuit, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

The driver eventually dumped his vehicle on Armstrong Road. It’s uncertain what happened next, but he was fatally shot by a deputy, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The deputy was reportedly OK.

Suspect is dead at the scene. The shooting took place after a pursuit in which he rammed a cruiser. St Johns CSO was alerted to the suspect by Flagler CSO, after some kind of assault there.

[SOURCE: News4Jax]

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