St. Augustine Restricts Alcohol Consumption & Sales At Restaurants

Mayor Upchurch and City Manager John Regan held a press conference just after 4pm Friday, to address the Governor's recommendations, and how they will be implemented here at home.

“The governor issued an executive order this afternoon that has impacted what were doing here in St. Augustine," said Upchurch.

"We understand that our number one concern is to flatten the curve, flatten the impact of the coronavirus... But we are also concerned about the economic health of our community and we’re concerned about the economic health of our individual citizens." He continued.

He then handed the mic over to Regan to deliver the news.

“Businesses that are directly classified as a bar will cease operations for 30 days”

"Also one of the things that we are doing that is unique to St. Augustine… In addition to the requirements of the Governor, alcohol consumption on premises is prohibited at all licensed and commercial establishments for the next 30 days. So a restaurant which also sells alcohol, can be at 50% capacity but will not be able to sell alcohol." said Regan.

Regan also ordered trolley trains to cease operations as of 5:00p today.

The FULL VIDEO is posted on The 904 Now fb page.

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