Local Live Streaming Becomes Great Option For Many To Continue Earning Income

During this time, while we're all trying to do our part to protect against coronavirus spread, many businesses are wondering how to adapt, and still serve their customers, while generating some much needed income while many of us are unable to interact as we normally would.

Many say business owners are now figuring out that live streaming may be the answer. Locally, churches are streaming their services, gyms are doing personal training live streams, and even local musicians are live streaming shows, where users can "tip" them online during their performances.

Yes there are ways you can get creative and continue earning some income right now, even if you can't take in physical customers.

In some cases, business owners can simply stream live from their phones. But for many others, like the ones mentioned above, streaming will require a bit more technical assistance, and some professional graphics work, in order to represent their brands in the highest quality.

But where do you find someone with enough real-world, high quality live streaming experience?

Well, guess what, you know a guy!

This is service I'm happy to announce, that I can handle from the ground up, and will be offering to help locals adapt to the circumstances. This is also a way for my business to adapt to the current climate, as many of The 904 Now's current sponsors, may not even be able to accept customers for very much longer.

I can offer everything from simple audio podcasting, to full, multi-camera video webcasts. Set up is simple and very mobile, so we can do professional broadcasts, straight from your office if necessary.

If this is something that you have been thinking about as a way to temporarily adapt to our current situation, and continue generating some income, feel free to contact me via email at 904pete@gmail.com and I would love to talk with you about how we can help support each other, and continue to be productive through these uncertain economic times.

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