BREAKING: Police Capture Suspect After Deputies Shot At During Traffic Stop

Police advised Ponte Vedra residents near the area of Publix to shelter in place Wednesday afternoon after they reported a gunman opening fire on deputies after a traffic stop.

"Anyone in or near the Publix in Ponte Vedra are asked to SHELTER IN PLACE as deputies are searching for an individual or individuals that opened fire on them during a traffic stop.

This individual or individuals are believed to still be armed and dangerous. They may still be in their vehicle or in the business area the Publix in Ponte Vedra.

We are asking all people in the area to go inside, LOCK THEIR DOORS, stay away from windows, and call 911 if you see anything suspicious" read the post from SJSO's social media.

About an hour later police updated their information:

"SHOOTING UPDATE: The suspect in the shooting incident at the Sawgrass shopping center has been secured. Please continue to avoid the area as a shooting investigation is ongoing. Citizens who remain in a shelter in place status will be assisted by law enforcement in vacating the premises."

In a press conference Sheriff Shoar told reporters "No officers or citizens were injured." The car was also allegedly stolen.

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