SJC Associate Medical Examiner Cited In Media Resigns After Wildly Inaccurate COVID Predictions

County Spokesman Michael Ryan told outlets that Dr. Deanna Oleske, Associate Medical Examiner in St. Johns County, has resigned after wildly inaccurate predictions, and asks to the county for items like trailers and large refrigerated trucks to hold mass amounts of dead bodies.

Oleske also predicted there would be over 1,700 deaths between the area she served, St. Johns, Putnam, and Flagler counties. Today, there have been 12 TOTAL deaths between all 3 counties, and less than 500 total cases.

“Oleske repeatedly warned officials in emails that her office is ‘in a dire situation’ and that she didn’t have the necessary staff, equipment and capacity to handle all the potential COVID-19 deaths,” the post article says. “She said her office, along with the county’s hospitals and funeral homes, could hold a total of 119 bodies. She asked for two trailers, one to store corpses and the other to perform autopsies.”

Her predictions were set for the month of April.

The county denied the requests for the unnecessary trailers, after Oleske could not provide data to back up her predictions, or her asks of the county.

Still, other local outlets appear to be parroting the outrage of the Washington Post, even as people can clearly check the numbers, and see that St. Johns County has one of the lowest rates of infection, and deaths in the entire country, and most definitely among states hit hardest.

In fact, with only four deaths in the entire county where COVID-19 was a contributing factor, national media is attempting to scold us for a 0.0016% death rate, and confirmed cases which seem to be topping out around 0.08% of our county's population.

Death tolls are not increasing locally by the day, they never were. Today, daily positive tests are down to a crawl, and many included in the overall positive case number, have already recovered.

These numbers add up to one conclusion, St. Johns County did exactly the right thing, and the national media, can once again kiss our collective asses.

Dr. Oleske's last day on the job will be May, 22 btw.

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