#ReggieWasWrong: Shooting Suspect Found Under The Floor By SWAT

Reggie, aka Jaguar Paw, aka "lots of names" became the lovable, yet very incorrect face of our nearly 4 hour live stream during a local SWAT standoff near Murray Middle School.

Reggie boldly predicted from the beginning, that there was "no one in that house" and that the suspect was "long gone."

After SWAT teams finally entered the house, SJSO originally reported that there was no one in the house, however police found a few "interesting things." Shortly after, SJSO's Chuck Mulligan reported to us (first btw) "we got him."

He told me those "interesting things" were holes in the floors, which led teams under the house where the suspect was caught.

The reason for the SWAT teams, was that a man had been reported as shooting into a vehicle, and then running into the home. No one was struck by gunfire, and no one was injured.

Mulligan said the man's name is Lennis Davis, he's facing several counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

BTW Reggie, we're not mad at you. I appreciate your input on the livestream, and feel free to keep in touch with me on what's going on in your area. I always need more real reporters!

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