Why Did Pallets Of Bricks Show Up In Downtown?

Images circulated around social media yesterday showing pallets of bricks stacked up in view of the fort. This during a time when protests in the plaza were happening.

Facebook lit up with comments insinuating that bricks had been delivered in order to be used in riots.

I went down to the area as soon as I saw these pictures start to circulate. The angle that was not shown in the original pictures, is of a construction site just feet from the bricks.

Jim Neuenfeldt, a local tour guide who works in the area was able to clarify in the comments, what people were seeing in the original pictures. "They are for the construction around the Oldest School House and artists ally. It is/has been in the works for almost 9 months now, and the buildings are now dried in and the pavers around them can be done."

St. Augustine Police are aware of the location of the pallets, and the construction site in the area.

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