Local Police Chiefs Exploring Body Camera Options, Talking Implementation

[FCN] - In a city commission meeting in June, Fox said "It is not my perception that really counts, it’s the public’s perception of what law enforcement needs to do. I am re-engaged in that conversation."

He is now pricing different products and taking input from the public about equipping his officers with body cameras.

St. Augustine Mayor Tracy Upchurch believes there is broad support for police body cameras locally.

St Augustine Beach Police Chief Rob Hardwick has also said recently that "times have changed" and that "the budget is no excuse" when it comes to implementation of body cameras.

"If my community wants them, my officers would wear them tomorrow," said Hardwick in interviews over the last few months. He reiterated this sentiment again in what was originally scheduled as a debate Thursday night on The 904 Now network, but unfortunately, Hardwick's opponent backed out at the last minute, as was the case with a recent West Augustine scheduled debate, as well as an upcoming radio debate with WSOS.

Hardwick told us he will be keeping his commitment to all of these venues, and showing up to speak to voters with or without his opponent present.

The City of St. Augustine says they will be discussing body cameras in upcoming commission meetings.

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