Who Is Mark Dobbins? Fake Troll Profile Most Vocal Supporter Of Strickland Camp

One camp has unfortunately reverted to ugly and deceitful politics, and tried everything in the books to spread misleading information, and sometimes just outright lies about his opponent.

But who is "Mark Dobbins"?

Well, first off, we know his profile was created May 17th of this year, and all his posts concern only the sheriff's race, and promoting one candidate over another. We know for a fact he's not the guy in his profile pictures (actually two similar looking men, but not even the same person).

The fake profile for Mark Dobbins' first picture, was this...

The man pictured above is actually just a stock photo used by multiple outlets to promote their products, as you can see below...

Later along the line, the owners of this fake page changed the profile picture to a similar looking, yet more sophisticated looking man's picture...

The man pictured above, is not named Mark Dobbins either, this was the most obvious of the frauds because this is actually a writer for Yahoo news. The person in the photograph that "Mark Dobbins" is currently using, is in fact a photo of a man named Jon Ward.

I guess the person who created the fake Mark Dobbins page, assumed people who followed him wouldn't be democrats, and recognize the picture of a prominent writer.

These deceitful and transparent tactics are above what local campaigns should be about.

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