St. Augustine Mask Mandate Goes Into Effect At Midnight

After suggestions from the City Attorney and City Manager John Regan, Mayor Upchurch enacted emergency powers to close public comment after two hours, and vote to enact their mandatory mask ordinance, which was passed unanimously.

While trying to hash out the details, at one point the city attorney jumped in to remind commissioners that John Regan has full discretion to make any changes, at any time.

"The resolution was intended to frame the city commission's directions to Mr. Regan... If the conditions change, he would be able to go beyond that," said the city attorney.

"Pursuant to our charter and state statute, through emergency orders issued, that do have the force of law, are issued by Mr. Regan."

She continued, "If things change, and as we know it's been pretty dynamic with covid cases and the exposure rates, he certainly has that authority under state statue and under our charter to follow up with additional administrative orders."

"I think very soon we'll be talking about extending this to St. George Street and other streets where social distancing is virtually impossible," said Commissioner John Valdes.


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