NRA Orders Strickland To Remove Logo - 'Strickland Is NOT Supported By NRA'

In a scathing email that appears to have come directly from the USF's Executive Director, and past NRA President, Marion Hammer, the Chris Strickland campaign team has been ordered to take down all uses of their official logos from his campaign materials effective immediately.

The letter states that Strickland's campaign has received a cease and desist order. The letter goes on to harshly criticize Strickland and his camp, saying "Chris Strickland is NOT supported, and WILL NOT be supported by the NRA and his unauthorized use of NRA's logo is a violation of Federal trademark laws."

They go on to say, "For a candidate in a race for a law enforcement office, to violate law is inexcusable. There is no excuse. If he doesn't know what his campaign is doing and can't keep them from breaking the law, how can he possibly run a sheriff's office??????"

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