Ex-Congressional Candidate Walks Back Vile Facebook Post

Christopher Eagle, a former Congressional candidate and resident of St. Augustine, took to facebook yesterday to backpedal on statements he made over the weekend, regarding national video of two officers being ambushed and shot.

Eagle walked back his comments, chalking them up to satire...

"Yesterday, I posted a series of questions on my personal Facebook page about the shooting of two Los Angeles Police Officers. The spirit of my post was to highlight the exact same questions that are presented each time that we see a video of a Police Officer-involved shooting. I referenced the shooting of Philando Castile, a 32-year-old African American man that was fatally shot during a traffic stop by police officer Jeronimo Yanez, a 28-year-old Hispanic member of the St. Anthony, Minnesota police department. In the debate, I repeatedly denounced the shooting of the two LAPD officers and spoke out about President Trump’s potential activation of more people to take the law into their own hands based on his tweets. I approached the debate from a satirical point of view, and I apologize to anyone that took this as my condoning the shooting of anyone, especially the two LAPD officers. I was extremely happy to hear that the two LAPD officers were out of surgery and recovering. Senseless acts of violence toward other human beings should not be tolerated and that includes police officers.

In addition, I would like to address the disinformation campaign that was created regarding my personal Facebook page post. I have not deleted the post and my 4,000 plus friends can see it right now. However, the thousands of disinformation posts claim that I deleted it and that includes “Mike the Cop’s” post. This was a rush to judgment and followed by reckless comments that were not based on facts. This was used to create a narrative that I deleted something that never was on my former campaign page. I exited the congressional race over four months ago due to developing blood clots from COVID-19."

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