Aiden Fucci's Father Has Troubled Past - Arrested For Abusing Minor

Fucci's father Jason, 36, has an extensive rap sheet, including a stint in jail after being charged with lewd or lascivious battery and child abuse in 2003.

Filings obtained from Duval County Court for the first count show Fucci Sr., who was 18 at the time, was guilty of engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old female at his home.

The second count showed he "did knowingly or wilfully abuse a child by intentionally committing an act that could reasonably be expected to result in physical or mental injury to a person under the age of 18 years."

Fucci Sr. was sentenced to two years probation but was later jailed for 14 months after violating the conditions, with 158 days given as credit.

His rap sheet also includes a number of other run-ins with the law, with charges for theft and driving with a suspended license.

He was also booked in 2016 for battery, after cops claimed he got into a fight at a gas station with a couple while his son was present, although it is not known if this was young Aiden.


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