LEAKED: FDA Official Says 'Blowdart' African-American population who is vaccine hesitant

In a shocking video recorded by undercover journalists, Taylor Lee, an official with the FDA can be seen, and heard, saying that African-Americans who are vaccine hesitant should be shot with blowdart full of the vaccine.

The video underscores the agency's blatant disrespect for the health, and medical privacy of the people they are tasked to serve.


Another series of undercover videos released this week, show federal HHS ER doctors and nurses discussing serious adverse vaccine reactions, non-reporting of such events, and even claiming "The vaccine is full of shit".


While it is not our intention, or responsibility to give medical advice, it IS our responsibility to tell every single side of the story. THIS is a side of the story, you're intentionally NOT being shown. It affects us locally, and it is all the more reason, you should discuss ANY AND ALL medications with your doctor.

Discuss your medical history, allergies, and, possibly most important, if you've already had a disease that may counteract with the vaccine.

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