Parents PISSED After Watching Teacher Call Middle School Child Racist Over Trump Flag

Many St. Johns County parents are livid after watching video release, which shows a recent interaction between a Sebastian Middle School teacher, and students in her class, where she describes their young classmate as racist, and assigns motives to the fact the the student brought a Trump flag to school.

The video from June of this year has stirred up parents, who say political bias of any sort, has no place in our classrooms.

We reached out to the principal of Sebastian Middle and have yet to receive a response. Our questions included;

- Was the student disciplined, or did they have a record of racially motivated activity for this teacher to make such accusations?

-Was the teacher disciplined, or fired?

While these questions might get us some basic answers, the overall sentiment from many parents seems to be that this should not be happening in the first place, regardless of political affiliation.

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