VIDEO: Multiple Angles Show Confrontation Between Casado and Amoia, Leading to Shooting

WARNING: This video shows the moments leading up to the shooting of Adam Amoia. We have not censored material beyond what all legal entities involved in the evidence process have pixelated. These videos are available via public records requests now as well. While no video shows the very last moments of Mr. Amoia's life, these videos show every moment caught on camera leading up to his death, which may trigger an emotional response in many people.

One reason for showing this entire video, is largely because of the discussions of Mr. Amoia being "Shot in the back" - This video shows definitively, when all shots were fired.

With our deepest respects to every person affected by this event, we do not feel it's appropriate at this time to add commentary or any sort of speculation to this piece. We simply want to present you with the exact evidence that the courts have regarding this case.

BELOW: EDITED TO TIME OF SHOOTING, from two different cameras, Schmagel's Bagels camera, and Dos Gatos camera. The following videos, are the full videos from the bar and bagel shop. They are 5+ minute videos..

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