Witnesses Attempted Life Saving Procedures To Try And Save Woman In Dondanville Rd Accident

Traffic was backed up for miles on the island Thursday, after a crash involving a pedestrian and a utility truck.

We talked with a witness who was there as it happened. He told his account of how the tragic scene unfolded.

"[She] was in her 60s or so no ID. She ran across the road, she had headphones in. He hit her I’m not sure if the light was red or not, I don’t think it was, I think she was at fault but I witnessed it. Me and another guy who happen to be paramedic did CPR on her, and about 10 mins later the paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene."

"I had no idea she wasn’t going to make it. She had a pulse at first, and then the paramedics took over and about 5-10 mins of them trying, they put a sheet over her. I was like wait they are pronouncing her dead? And they said yeah. It was a horrible scene."

SJSO tells us that FHP is handling the crash scene. We will be looking out for official updates from FHP.

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